Bandipur National Park is a tiger reserve under the Project Tiger,located under the south Indian state of Karnataka.It is famous place for the wildlifes and many types of the biomes, but dry deciduous forest is dominant.This National Park is spread in the area of the 874 kmsĀ² and it is a most beautiful and the attracive national parks of India located in between the picturesque and beautiful surroundings in between the Western Ghat Mountains on the Mysore-Ooty highway in Karnataka. In this park the main tourists attraction is the Tigers of the various sizes and you can also see the other inhabitants like the gaur (a type of bull), sambhar, chital, mouse deer, four-horned antelope, wild dogs, wild boar, jackal, sloth bear, panther, malabar squirrel.Jungle fowl and green pigeon are also found here.

It is situated on the Ooty road, 80 kms away from the Mysore and this place is easily accessible from the Bengaluru and Mysore.Only government vehicles are permitted to run safaris within the park, the forests department also arranged safaris with in the Park for the comfort of the guests.

Bandipur National Park helps protect several species of the wildlife and also provides the flora and fauna.Mammals are found here like the chital, gray langurs, Indian giant squirrels and elephants.This Park is the home over 200 species of birds including honey buzzards, red-headed vultures, Indian vultures, flowerpeckers, hoopoes, Indian rollers, brown fish owls.Other Fauna are also found there like Butterflies,Ant species and the Dung beetles.