In the Tadoba the best way to explore the wildlifes of the Jungle is the Jeep Safari which adds the excitement and fun to the journey and also makes the tour so special.Along with the Jeep Safari you can also cover the Jungle with the various other Safaris like the Horse Safari, Bird Safari, Elephant Safari, Fishing Safari and the Nature Walk.Here you can also see the famous attractions and the places of the jungle, during the Safari tour explore the flora and fauna which is the main adventure and unfolds the beauty of the Tadoba Sanctuary in India.Here you can also enjoy the photographic tours of the wildlife.The Indian wildlife tour explore through the Tadoba Andhari National Park where you can see the various wildlifes like the deer, sloth bear, wild boar, fresh water dolphin, leopard, the marsh mugger.Over 450 species of birds are found in the Tadoba Andhari National Park.

The main attraction of the Tadoba is the Jungle Safari for this tour Jeep Safari is available, other options are also available for that like the 12-seater minibus is also available at the Tadoba for the Jungle Safari tour.Boniculars and camera can also be taken along with the belonging to enjoy the tour and also for the better viewing.

Jeep Safari Timings: This park opens from the 0600 hrs till the 1100 hrs in the Morning.The tourists who have already booked their tour spend the time till 1300 hrs for the safari in any of the rest houses inside the forest and do the bird watching.It is a best place to enjoy the wildlife tour and the tourists can also take some rest in the guests houses.In the afternoon the park timings usually are from 1430 to 1730 but it can also changed from the authorities according to the seasons.

There are six tourism gates in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. The tourists can book their tickets for all over the National Parks from the following gates:
Moharli Gate
Kolara Gate
NaveGaon Gate
Pangdi Gate
Zari Gate
Online booking facility is also available for the Jeep Safari, hence those without gate entry pass can go for spot booking at Navegaon Gate if available.Jeeps can also be hired from the local taxi operator and can also get from the hotels in which you book your room.