Panna National Park is a popular and famous wild life reserve located in the central Indian state of the Madhya Pradesh at a distance of 57 kms from the Khajuraho.It is from one of the better tiger reserves where you can see the big cats, tigers and the leopards.The bio-diversity in this national park is extremely rich.Other wildlifes that are found in the Park are wolf, chital, sloth bear, chinkara and sambar.This Park is also connected with the major cities by road.Panna National Park is at the distance of 727 kms from the Bhopal and 889 kms from the Delhi.The population of the Tigers seem less day by day because of the naural reasons.Flora and Fauna are found here and the climate during the summer season is very hot & uncomfortable but the winter season are comfortable when the temperature under the 25°C.The monsoon season is from the July and continues till mid-September.