You can found the various Reptiles in the Kanha National Park,these animals are not found in the day time, they hide themselves in to the marshy areas or water holes. But you can see the snakes in the day time.The various poisonous species are listed here Cobra, Krait, Bamboo Pit Viper and Russell 's viper.According to the climate of the park copper headed snakes are seen very rarely.

The Indian Cobra:Indian Cobra is a poisonous snake, with the hood by spreading the cervical ribs, this snake spread its hood raises its head and makes a hissing sound.It is found near the water and it is a famous and strong swimmer.They are excited and prone to make attacks on the people, also feeded on the rats,frogs.In some of the cases Cobra bite is not recover then it causes to the death.

Russel's vipers:Russel's viper has the deadly poisonous with the thick body up to the 5 feet.The fangs are long and foldable like as the Krait and Cobra.

Krait: In the Kanha National Park you can see the Indian Krait and the Banded Krait.The commom krait is slow moving with the extremely poisonous and found in the water,Venom is more toxic than that of Cobra and usually fatal. The banded krait is less poisonous as compare to the common krait.It is the nocturnal and very rarely sighted.

Monitor Lizards:Monitor Lizard is also famous with the name bayawak or goannas, genus Varanus, are members of the family Varanidae.Varanus is the group of the lizard, the dragon and also the longest lizard in the world.